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The Rules of Conception - Angela Lawrence Brilliant,poignant and certainly a novel of modern society; The Rules of Conception tackles one of the most confronting questions to face women and takes a new approach to shutting up that internal tick-tocking once and for all.

Whether you agree with the path Rachel chooses or not, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat right from the get go and Rachel is such an adorable and engaging character either way you'll find yourself willing to fight in her corner.

Lawrence has handled such a delicate topic with skill, wit and genuine emotion and her obvious research into the topic shines throughout.Whether or not you are a parent yourself, there is something in Rachel's story for everyone. As life gets more and more complicated, more and more women are finding themselves in similar situations and it is refreshing to see an author take the bull by the horns and put the issue out there with such a strong voice.The Rules of Conception has all the makings to take the world by storm Sex in the City style.

Rachel certainly gets under your skin and her story is one to give women everywhere a little dose of some good old fashioned girl power.

Solid, thought provoking and just a little provocative, The Rules of Conception deserves adding to your TBR asap. 5/5 Stars.