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Loving Liberty - Belinda Boring Can I just say WOW! The "Queen of Swoon" has certainly earned another jewel in her crown with her first New Adult offering. Loving Liberty will take you on a emotional ride that will resonate long after the last page is turned. Have the tissues handy and prepare to forget about the rest of the world, Loving Liberty is one of those rare reading experiences where not even the Zombie apocalypse could drag you away from the page.

Boring has a natural flair for characterisation and scene setting. Right from the very first paragraph I found myself transported into Liberty's world and the unfolding story was so compelling and dare I say addictive, that I burnt the midnight oil, desperate to reach the conclusion.

Liberty, in my opinion is the perfect protagonist and Oliver the perfect object of affection. Liberty is so beautifully flawed and realistic you can't help but be tempted to try and fight her battles for her. Oliver, well not only will he raise your heartbeat and bring a blush to your cheeks with all his swoon-worthiness, you will love him simply because he gives Liberty the strength to find her wings. What girl doesn't dream of a guy like that?

Loving Liberty is without a doubt one of the freshest and captivating novels of 2013 and definately one you MUST add to your TBR. Believe me, you will thank yourself for it.