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Seven Point Eight : The First Chronicle - Marie Harbon Blurb:
Seven Point Eight: The most powerful number in the universe. The number that connects everything.

A physicist begins a quest to measure the soul but soon finds himself drawn into the world of the enigmatic Max Richardson, where research is sold to the military at the highest bid. However, he soon discovers another purpose when an extremely talented young psychic enters his life. He devises a project and builds a team to stretch the frontiers of exploration, only to make a reality-shattering discovery… The First Chronicle is the beginning of a 5 part epic which follows the spiritual and emotional journey of five people; their quest to understand the universe and our place within it. Along the way, they address the fundamental questions we all seek answers to: why are we here? What is the purpose of the universe? Is there a God? Quantum physics meets spirituality in a tale which begins in the 1940s, unfolds during the 1960s; an era of social and spiritual transformation and reaches its conclusion in the modern age. It interweaves the human dramas of love, betrayal, bitterness and above all, courage in a world where everyone must face their own dark shadow.

This novel is truly something different. Crossing decades and entering the murky waters of psychological powers and "fringe" science, Harbon has brought us a quest of some of life's toughest questions and made them her own. We begin our journey in the "roaring" forties and watch the tale unfold right up to the present day and meet an wonderful array of colourful characters who will delight and enchant the reader. This is only the first installment in what looks to be a stellar 5 part series and definitely one that is worth checking out. The plot will not only make you question in some respects your own beliefs, but have you theorizing on plenty of "what-ifs" and "maybes". The narrative does switch between third and first person, but in this case it has worked and adds an extra dimension to the story.

The Science stands on its own as a character and although some of the passages I found a little tough going; it shows the depth and quality of research on Harbon's part to bring the story to life. (Bear in mind this is coming from the girl who used to spend half of science class just trying to light the damn Bunsen burner let alone trying to remember which chemical was which- so you may not struggle at all ) And for those of you who can't do without a little dose of the romantic, there's a little something extra for you too. All in all this is the kind of novel to stretch the mind as it wraps you up and whisks you away on its adventure. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy!

Seven Point Eight- The First Chronicle- Marie Harbon