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Vulpi - Kate Gordon Revelations abound, ice Queens start to melt and new love starts to blossom. Vulpi is one heck of a ride!

Vulpi is the stunning second installment in Gordon's brilliant Thyla series set in picturesque Tasmania and yet again she has squarely hit her mark. I absolutely adored the first in the series "Thyla" and its main protagonist Tessa, so it was with some trepidation that I set out on this whole new adventure with a whole new lead in Cat. I really didn't expect Cat to worm her way into my heart with as much speed and conviction as Tessa did but Cat totally knocked me for six. I simply could not put this down and devoured it in less than 24 hours. Gordon has managed to not only bring a whole new perspective to her world but has superbly crafted another powerhouse lead who again grasps our full attention from the very first sentence and stands firmly in the spotlight in her own right. Yes we do still get to catch up with Tessa and the rest of our unique and delightful shape-shifting crew, but Cat maintains a firm voice and the experience of seeing this strange new world through Cat's eyes is as exhilarating as it was through Tessa's.

This time the focus is more centered around the ongoing war with the Diemen's and the action is certainly knocked up another ante. The plot is thick,fast and furious and life with the Thyla's is certainly not for the faint hearted. Gordon's gift for not only bringing a story to life but for mixing history (both real and the slightly "twisted") with the here and now is again at the forefront. Visually rich and intoxicating, this is a world you'll instantly find yourself fully transported to and often not wanting to leave. And for those of you who love a good literary crush, keep your eyes out for a certain "foxy" fox- he's sure to scamper away with a little piece of your heart. Unfortunately it looks like another agonizing wait for the next installment but this series is certainly a world I'm happy to re-visit and re-read again and again. If you haven't read Thyla yet I highly recommend you do before embarking on Vulpi,the experience will be all the more richer.

And to Kate, thanks for bringing this ex-pat Tassie girl a unique and enthralling taste of "home" once again.