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The Booky Monster

Home Worlds - Debbie Behan If you like your fantasy thick,fast and action packed then this is the next novel to add to your must read list. Myth and magic are intertwined with a touching tale of love to pack a powerful punch and leave you blinking the star dust out of your eyes. The cast of hunky men certainly don't go astray either! Behan's world is not only majestic and full of mystery, it is so well realised it becomes a vital character in its own right. Here every little daydream or thought we have ever had when gazing into the night sky is built on with vibrant colour and the possibilities certainly do seem endless in Behan's imagination.

The characterisation is spot on and our heroine certainly holds her own. Cassie is an absolute delight to discover and her awakening and journey will leave you transfixed right from the very beginning. There is a refreshing innocence about her and despite all the obstacles life has continuously thrown her way her spirit retains a sense of purity that will have you constantly drawn to her and invested fully in her plight.

The only downside I found where that in some passages in the first half of the book I felt overloaded with information and the action and suspense became lost as more of the mystery surrounding Cassie unfolded, but this didn't detract from my overall enjoyment. The second half more than made up for the fact and the ending left me utterly breathless. I'd certainly take up the adventure and head to the stars with the crew all over again in the next installment. Behan has brought something exciting and new to the table and uniquely Australian. Armchair magic at some of it's best. A solid 4/5.

For more info visit the authors website: http://www.debbiebehan.com/