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Kiss the Dead (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #21) - Laurell K. Hamilton Sadly I couldnt even finish. I really think its time Anita hung up her badge and retired. This series is done for me.
Die for Me  - Amy Plum What a beautiful love story backdropped against the worlds most romantic city. Definately one for a dose of the warm and fuzzies
Cold Grave - Kathryn Fox Full review to come
Stormdancer - Jay Kristoff This is just epic! Full review to come.
Bitterblue  - Kristin Cashore, Ian Schoenherr Great end to a fantastic series
Home Worlds - Debbie Behan If you like your fantasy thick,fast and action packed then this is the next novel to add to your must read list. Myth and magic are intertwined with a touching tale of love to pack a powerful punch and leave you blinking the star dust out of your eyes. The cast of hunky men certainly don't go astray either! Behan's world is not only majestic and full of mystery, it is so well realised it becomes a vital character in its own right. Here every little daydream or thought we have ever had when gazing into the night sky is built on with vibrant colour and the possibilities certainly do seem endless in Behan's imagination.

The characterisation is spot on and our heroine certainly holds her own. Cassie is an absolute delight to discover and her awakening and journey will leave you transfixed right from the very beginning. There is a refreshing innocence about her and despite all the obstacles life has continuously thrown her way her spirit retains a sense of purity that will have you constantly drawn to her and invested fully in her plight.

The only downside I found where that in some passages in the first half of the book I felt overloaded with information and the action and suspense became lost as more of the mystery surrounding Cassie unfolded, but this didn't detract from my overall enjoyment. The second half more than made up for the fact and the ending left me utterly breathless. I'd certainly take up the adventure and head to the stars with the crew all over again in the next installment. Behan has brought something exciting and new to the table and uniquely Australian. Armchair magic at some of it's best. A solid 4/5.

For more info visit the authors website: http://www.debbiebehan.com/
Vulpi - Kate Gordon Revelations abound, ice Queens start to melt and new love starts to blossom. Vulpi is one heck of a ride!

Vulpi is the stunning second installment in Gordon's brilliant Thyla series set in picturesque Tasmania and yet again she has squarely hit her mark. I absolutely adored the first in the series "Thyla" and its main protagonist Tessa, so it was with some trepidation that I set out on this whole new adventure with a whole new lead in Cat. I really didn't expect Cat to worm her way into my heart with as much speed and conviction as Tessa did but Cat totally knocked me for six. I simply could not put this down and devoured it in less than 24 hours. Gordon has managed to not only bring a whole new perspective to her world but has superbly crafted another powerhouse lead who again grasps our full attention from the very first sentence and stands firmly in the spotlight in her own right. Yes we do still get to catch up with Tessa and the rest of our unique and delightful shape-shifting crew, but Cat maintains a firm voice and the experience of seeing this strange new world through Cat's eyes is as exhilarating as it was through Tessa's.

This time the focus is more centered around the ongoing war with the Diemen's and the action is certainly knocked up another ante. The plot is thick,fast and furious and life with the Thyla's is certainly not for the faint hearted. Gordon's gift for not only bringing a story to life but for mixing history (both real and the slightly "twisted") with the here and now is again at the forefront. Visually rich and intoxicating, this is a world you'll instantly find yourself fully transported to and often not wanting to leave. And for those of you who love a good literary crush, keep your eyes out for a certain "foxy" fox- he's sure to scamper away with a little piece of your heart. Unfortunately it looks like another agonizing wait for the next installment but this series is certainly a world I'm happy to re-visit and re-read again and again. If you haven't read Thyla yet I highly recommend you do before embarking on Vulpi,the experience will be all the more richer.

And to Kate, thanks for bringing this ex-pat Tassie girl a unique and enthralling taste of "home" once again.

Body Count

Body Count (Sophie Anderson,  #1) - P.D. Martin Hooked me from the very first. Sophie is one agent you must tag along with.
My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Wow!wish I had of found this ages ago
Huntress - Malinda Lo Totally mind blowing. Devoured this in under 24 hours
Three to Get Deadly - Janet Evanovich Ms Plum just keeps getting better and the laughs just keep coming!
Cemetery Moon - Beth Gualda http://cels-confessionsofabookymonster.blogspot.com/2011/12/cemetery-moon-beth-gualda.html
Forgive My Fins - Tera Lynn Childs So much fun!
The Spider Goddess - Tara Moss Woozer! Grab yourself a copy
Monster High: Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way - Lisi Harrison This series just keeps amping up the voltage!
Seven Point Eight : The First Chronicle - Marie Harbon Blurb:
Seven Point Eight: The most powerful number in the universe. The number that connects everything.

A physicist begins a quest to measure the soul but soon finds himself drawn into the world of the enigmatic Max Richardson, where research is sold to the military at the highest bid. However, he soon discovers another purpose when an extremely talented young psychic enters his life. He devises a project and builds a team to stretch the frontiers of exploration, only to make a reality-shattering discovery… The First Chronicle is the beginning of a 5 part epic which follows the spiritual and emotional journey of five people; their quest to understand the universe and our place within it. Along the way, they address the fundamental questions we all seek answers to: why are we here? What is the purpose of the universe? Is there a God? Quantum physics meets spirituality in a tale which begins in the 1940s, unfolds during the 1960s; an era of social and spiritual transformation and reaches its conclusion in the modern age. It interweaves the human dramas of love, betrayal, bitterness and above all, courage in a world where everyone must face their own dark shadow.

This novel is truly something different. Crossing decades and entering the murky waters of psychological powers and "fringe" science, Harbon has brought us a quest of some of life's toughest questions and made them her own. We begin our journey in the "roaring" forties and watch the tale unfold right up to the present day and meet an wonderful array of colourful characters who will delight and enchant the reader. This is only the first installment in what looks to be a stellar 5 part series and definitely one that is worth checking out. The plot will not only make you question in some respects your own beliefs, but have you theorizing on plenty of "what-ifs" and "maybes". The narrative does switch between third and first person, but in this case it has worked and adds an extra dimension to the story.

The Science stands on its own as a character and although some of the passages I found a little tough going; it shows the depth and quality of research on Harbon's part to bring the story to life. (Bear in mind this is coming from the girl who used to spend half of science class just trying to light the damn Bunsen burner let alone trying to remember which chemical was which- so you may not struggle at all ) And for those of you who can't do without a little dose of the romantic, there's a little something extra for you too. All in all this is the kind of novel to stretch the mind as it wraps you up and whisks you away on its adventure. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy!

Seven Point Eight- The First Chronicle- Marie Harbon